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Command to change values of Hyper-V/ Vmware policy attributes

Level 3

From cd usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpplinfo command there are lot of arguments and parameters to change the policy info, Visit for more details

Enable File level Recovery from VM backup):-
./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args Virtual_machine_backup=1 (1=disable,2=enable)

./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args disable_quiesce (0=disable,1=enable)

(Transport method):-
./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args trantype (trantype=nbd:hotadd)

./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -use_accelerator 0 | 1

(Policy Status):-
./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -active | -inactive

(Follow NFS):-
./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -follownfs flag 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

(Multiple Streams):-
./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -multiple_streams flag 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

(Change Storage Unit)
./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -residence New_STU

./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args snap_attr= (0 (default), 1 Differential. Use copy-on-write snapshot method, 2 Plex. Use clone or mirror snapshot method.)

./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args drive_selection (0 include all disks, 1 exclude boot disk, or 2 exclude data disk)

./bpplinfo policy_name -modify -snapshot_method_args snapact (0 continue backup, 1 abort if any snapshot exist, 2 remove NetBackup snapshotand continue backup, 3 abort if NetBackup snapshot exist)

./bpplinfo policy_name –modify -blkincr flag (1, perform block-level-incremental backups,0, disable block-level-incremental backups)


Fahim Khan