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Command to determine total data protected

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Looking for an NBU command to show total data protected in the NBU estate.


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nbdeployutil would give this output..

run the capacity command in nbdeployutil 


Specifies the license model when used with gather or report. Use capacity to report on deployment according to NetBackup's per terabyte capacity licensing model.


you can also use the bpimagelist command , need to write some scritp for it..


or else if you have Opscenter you can get this report esasily...


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+1 to OpsCenter for this question. Keep in mind that OpsCenter is free from a licensing perspective as long as you have valid NetBackup licenses. (OpsCenter Analytics is a licensed product). So if you don't have it, get it!

If you're trying to acquire this data for a script, OpsCenter can export reports out to files. Otherwise it can provide on-demand or scheduled emailed reports in a variety of formats (pdf, html, etc.) with a robust scheduling system. 

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It depends on whether you mean what size a single full backup is or a sum of everything held within NetBackup.

An images on media report pipes out everything held by NetBackup - the command line equivalent is bpimmedia (no switches needed)

nbdeployutil does some analysis on images over a certain amount of time so can be useful - it all depends on exactly what figure you are looking for

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I don't have the "nbdeployutil " utility.  Should it be in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin?

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It should be in the \netbackup\bin\admincmd\ directory

If it is not there you can search for it on the support site and download the version appropriate for your installed version

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A recommendation on the nbdeployutil report, based on a very recent run using the version in NBU

If you use MSDP and a disk-to-tape (or disk-to-disk-to-tape, etc.) setup, the MSDP calculation for front end terabytes may be incorrect due to images that are no longer on disk but are on tape.

After you run the command to gather, and again to report, you end up with an Excel spreadsheet that you need to edit.  The default calculation for the MSDP cell on the opening Summary page is to use the MSDP column from the Itemization tab in the spreadsheet.  Go to the Itemization tab and verify that clients that are backed up to MSDP disk *do* show a value other than "0".  If not, you should edit the "Charged size" column by copying the correct value from whatever other field contains the amount from the full backup (ours was the Tape column) and save it in the Charged column.  Then edit the cell for the MSDP total on the Summary tab to use the Charged column instead of the MSDP column.

Because of the way nbdeployutil reports this, our FETB was off by 30TB, and this discrepancy was changing every day we ran nbdeployutil due to images expiring from disk over the month.