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CommandCentral Service emailed reports

Level 3
Has anyone got these working for more than a few days yet ? We've got a large environment and can manage to hang the CC server within about 3 days by turning on emailed reports. Backline is looking into it but we've already applied several hotfixes without it getting fixed.
If anyone has this working regularly I'd be very interested in their backup environment specs.
Thanks for any help!

Level 2
We havn't even turned on the email reports yet, but I hang the wintel server within a few days to few weeks. I'm told there is no issue with memory leaks (cough/hack). So why would I need to restat the services on a regular basis so much?

Whats the fix for emailing the reports, stop/start the VRTsweb service?

Level 3
It might've been overkill, but I believe we were bouncing all the services to fix this.

Level 3
Employee Accredited Certified
CommandCentral Service 4.2 is released in this month, and from what I can see, it is quite stable with enhanced features too.

If you have signed up VERITAS tech support, you can upgrade to it for free.

From my beta testing experience, it runs pretty well so I believe its official release should be a satisfying experiene too.

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Hi. We run 4.1 CC Service. We have to stop/start the product daily to avoid such issues. I am upgrading to 4.2 soon. Good Luck.