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Compatibility for Sun Solaris client with Oracle

Level 3

Hello all,

I have a client system which is running on Sun Solaris 5.11 (Standard file system + RMAN backups-script based) and the client NetBackup version currently is 8.1.1. The Oracle version is Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit. The master and media servers are running  on

The compatibility matrix does not explicitly specify support for Sun Solaris system. However, I wanted to know what is the maximum version of NetBackup client that this Sun Solaris client can be upgraded to? I am aware of the fact that the client OS is way beyond EOL however, it is a requirement for me to still back it up.

Any guidance is appreciated!


Level 6

Hi @HyuNN 

The Solaris version I believe is 11 (11.3 or 11.4) which is also SunOS 5.11. This OS version is supported with NetBackup 10.0 and above. The Oracle version you may need to verify which sub release you have 12cR2 (which I think is the version you have list ed) is also supported by NetBackup 10.0+. 

All of this you could have determined yourself by reviewing the compatibility lists. For future reference here is the landing page NBU Compatibility List 



Hi, additionally on what David shared, I just want to add that 5.11 is supported from 8.0 and above as it is mentionned in SCL 8.XX