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Configure Netbackup 8.2 to backup RedHat Virtualization (RHV)

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I a newbie to Netbackup and I am trying to confiugure Netbackup to communicate with RHV Manager to backup my virtual machines.

I am using Netbackup 8.2 and RHV 4.3

My test setup is simple, I have one NB server that have the roles of :

- Master server.
- Media server.
- Backup-host for RHV

When I try to add the RHV Manager to NB master server I get this error : List of trusted CA could not be fetched, Unable to obtain the list of trusted Certificate Authorities.

Reading the documentation, I have a problem with this section : Enable secure communication between
NetBackup and RHV.

The section says :

To configure secure communication between Red Hat Virtualization server
and RHV access host
1 - Configure a external certificate authority trust store on the RHV access host.
2 - Add CA certificates of the required Red Hat Virtualization server in the trust
store on the access host.
3 - Use the nbsetconfig command to configure the following NetBackup
configuration options on the access host.

Could someone explain to me these steps? an example would be great.



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@Adeliuss take a look at following links :

Adding a backup host to the NetBackup master server :

Configuring secure communication between the Red Hat Virtualization server and NetBackup host :

Quick configuration checklist to protect Red Hat Virtualization virtual machines :