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Configuring cloud storage using CLI

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Has anyone successfully configured S3 cloud storage (from start to finish) using the CLI?  The csconfig documentation (from the reference guide) is not that helpful.  It's unclear how the access key and secret are entered, how the disk pool is configured (will nbdevconfig work with cloud storage), and so on.  Almost every single document references the GUI but there are statements indicating that the csconfig command can be used but with no decent examples.


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If Veritas documentation is unclear - you should open a support ticket with Veritas and ask them to clarify. Done that may times before - so don't be shy :)

Also Veritas documentation team are always happy for feedback, this is taken from the cloud admin guide:

Documentation feedback Your feedback is important to us. Suggest improvements or report errors or omissions to the documentation. Include the document title, document version, chapter title, and section title of the text on which you are reporting. Send feedback to: