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Configuring redudancy in client backups

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Hi Iam pretty new to Netbackup and i need some help on the below scenario.

I have requirement where backup of a client should not fail even if the master server on the paticular Netbackup Domain is down.I have  local cluster master server but i want to explore the possibilty if my master server from a paticular Netbackup Domain goes down can it start automatically backing up to a different netbackup domain Mast Server.


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Not automatic, out of the box

But it isn't hard to reconnfigure a client to use another master server.

Be aware, that data needed to make a restore work, may be on the Netbackup domain being down. E.g if you use rman full and incremental backups, and the full backup is on the master server being down. Likewise will backup using accelerator start new fulls. In general every database host should have archive space for 24 hours of operation.

Also investigate is local solution (e.g mirroring, replication) make a better use of of investments than additional master servers.

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The only way to provide this kind of redundancy is to cluster the master server. 

Even with clustered master server, the 2nd node will only resume/restart the backup that was running at the time of master server failure if retry values in Global Attributes allows restart/resume and backup window is still open.

If you are really new to NetBackup, then design of redundant backup infrastructure should be attempted with assistance of knowledgeable reseller. 

Thank you so much for the information.

I got my doubt clarified