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Control file backup on windows machine usning RMAN in netbackup

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Hi All,

I require information on control file backup of oracle DB which reside on windows through Netbackup.

If database exist on linux then we used to provide a policy for control file backup which is of type standard and have one user directed schedule....

Now i have doubts on oracle control file backup on windows machine using RMAN
What is the procedure for it ?.... Even DBA did not ask for control file policy.. they ask only for database and log backup policy which are of type oracle..

Please suggest on it..... How the backup should happen.... If no control file backup required on windows then how recovery happen ??

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In NBU using Oracle policy type take backup of control file. Following is sequence of oracle backup.

1. Database files

2. Archive Files

3. Control file

The below mentioned command will list the example output of database backup.

#/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bplist -C (source client name) -t 4 -R -l /


-rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 18874368 Oct 16 22:46 /cntrl_511_1_893285208 (ControlFile)
-rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 862191616 Oct 16 22:45 /al_509_1_893285131 (Archive Log)
-rw-rw---- oracle asmadmin 262144 Oct 16 22:44 /bk_579_1_893285067 (Database File)


If you want database recovery. You need to first restore the control file from that date backup.

The control file content the information of Database file and archive log sequence of that date backup.

Once you restore the control file and load the restored control file in Oracle. it become easy for admin to recover the database.




Thanks tausif for reply

But i am looking for netbackup policy configuration which i should have to give to DBA for backing up control file of database which is hosted on windows machine. Database admin even did not ask me for control file policy in case of windows. They want only db and log backup policy.

Like i said, i used to give policy of type standard if database hosted on linux machine.



Thanks for the update.

Are you taking offline database backup or Online database backup?

If its offline database (Shutdown the database) backup then you can use policy type MS-Windows or Standard and take backup of oracle install path and database path in one policy.

If its Online database (Oracle database is running) then you have to use the Oracle policy type to take backup.

Note: The Ms-Windows/Standard policy type do not support for online database.

If you want to take backup of control file using MS-Windows then add the control file path in backup selection.

How to fine control file path on database server


SQL> select name from v$controlfile;

In Registry:





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If your environment does not have an RMAN catalog and rely only on control file, then it is vitally important to include control file in EACH backup and no need for separate backup.

If DBAs really want separate control file backup, then they can simply create a script and send you the path to the script along with frequency and retention requirements.