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Convert a NetBackup 6.5 Linux Media Server to a Master Server?

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I want to convert my Linux Media Server to a Master Server. How can I accomplish this? Do I need to re-install or can I just modify some settings? I have already removed it from my production configuration it is on its own right now.


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but from what I've read it is not as easy as modifying some settings and then be done with it.

Someone else can chime in with their experiences, but it appears the easiest/best way to get this done is to do an uninstall/resinstall of the master server software and then use the catalog recovery wizard on the new master server.

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from one machine to another.
That's easy. First thing to remember - keep the same hostname.
1. Backup catalog at the old machine
2. Switch off the old machine
3. Install a new server with the same hostname and OS
4. Install NBU with the same major (i.e. 6.5) and minor (i.e. 6.5.x) version 
5. Run the recovery catalog wizard and recover the catalog
6. Run the device configuration wizard and inventory.