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Copilot for oracle rac

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I tried with unsuccessful attempts to put Copilot to work,  I have a single Appliance 5230 2.7.3(Netbackup 7.7.3) whose role is both master,media the scenario is I wanted to configure DUMP and Sweep function mounting nfs share on one of 2 Oracle RAC node ( run into issues  "Database is in the wrong state (must be OPEN) for the requested action" however that is not the case. I tried many things to make it work with no success . I am at verge of giving this up, the documentation around this ok but there no white papers or case study with troubleshooting contents published. I had an idea wanted the SME to shed some insight on this, if this strategy is ok or lame.

As I have nfs share from appliance mounted on one of the Oracle RAC node, the scheduled Rman script backs up the database to the nfs share , next I will creat standard policy  for File system backup from nfs share. I know  the essence of Oracle Copilot is lost with No SLP configured, however I will have something to work with until I fix this. Let me know what you folks feedback on this.

Thanks much in advance for your time.



EX: RAC1 node with nfs share 1 TB mounted on /oracle mp.


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I recommend to test non-RAC Oracle database first with Copilot, to isolate this issue. The error above could be related to the fact that it is a RAC configuration.

Also follow the steps in the chapther "Configuring the appliance within a RAC environment" in Oracle Admin Guide. This section was not available in 7.7 doc, but it is in 8.0 and it should be applicable also to 2.7.x appliances.



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Hopefully other users can confirm - 
IMHO, Oracle RAC may not be supported with Copilot.

If I read the documentation correctly, an Oracle Intelligent Policy must be configured, and OIP does not (yet) support Oracle RAC. 

This blog contains step-by-step instructions:

Note the "Whole Database - Datafile Copy Share"  under "Backup Selections".
This option is is not available in normal 'stream based' Oracle Policy. 

I asked the lead developer: Is Oracle RAC supported with CoPilot?

His reply: Yes, but we only support backing up using one node of the cluster.

If needed, I can get an expansion on this answer. I don't have direct knowledge here. Also, I didn't ask what version of NetBackup.

The issue is that the Oracle Intelligent Policy doesn't work with RMAN's ability to balance backups across nodes.  It is something being worked out to hopefully allow in the future, but today it doesn't.  RAC is supported, though.

Are you using the Copilot admin guide to set this up? 


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