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Copy-Only backup in NetBackup 6.5.4

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For the life of me I have been unable to find the NB equivelent of a NT Copy backup.  Copy-Only being a backup that backs up everything, but doesn't mark anything as being backed up.  Is there such a thing in NetBackup?

We need this capability because I have two agents running on our key services, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint...  We use NetApp SnapManager products to provide service level avalability of all such services.  As such those agents control the logs and archive bits, but I would still like the granular restore that NB offers.  NetApp has detailed documentation for setting up such a solution using Windows NT Backup.  Those documents rely on the use of a Copy-Only backup... hence my question...

Any advice/pointers/general hints would be most welcomed.


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What if you bit the bullet and let a full backup run that alters the archive bits, let that happen one time, then go into the client properties and set the flag to make incrementals not look at the archive bit.  Then, run incrementals every day, and set up synthetic fulls to create a full at the end of the week using those incrementals and your original full?  That way you could still essentially get your full backup, but not have to worry about the archive bits because you turned off the function that reviews them.  Just don't do any natural fulls anymore after your initial.  That might work.

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