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Could not query all volumes: not authorized to connect to vmd (126)

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I am getting the below error while trying to run the command:

NodeA# vmquery -j32 -a -M NodeB
Could not query all volumes: not authorized to connect to vmd (126)

NodeA is already added to "Servers" list on NodeB. NodeA can run all netbackup/bin and netbackup/bin/admincmd commands on NodeB but issue comes up with Media Manager related commands. 


Level 3

Saw the following in debug/reqlib logs:

<16> vmglob_host: unable to send request to server: not authorized to connect to vmd (126)
<16> vmglob_host: unable to get EMM Port: not authorized to connect to vmd (126)
<16> query_multiple: Could not initialize emm server interface host NodeB (126)

Hi All

Can anyone help ?


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Not enough info....

What exactly are 'NodeA' and 'NodeB' in NetBackup terms?

Are they nodes of a clustered master server? 
Or media server nodes in NBU app_cluster?

What does 'nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose' on the master server show? 

Also no idea what your command means.

There is no -M option for vmquery :

The master/EMM server name is specified with -h.
-m is for media-id. 

I also have no idea what -j32 means.

Sorry that I cannot be of assistance..... 

Hi @Marianne

NodeA and NodeB are both NetBackup master servers (not in cluster). I have made NodeA as the reporting server which fetches data frmo multiple master servers including NodeB. 

vmquery -M <master> -j32 : "-M" flag will connect to remote master NodeB while -j32 displays the format quivalent to the one seen in Java console. For more options, you can explore vmquery -Q.

The thing is, this command fetches data from all other masters but problem is only with this particualr one (NodeB).

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Apologies - I sometimes forget that there are undocumented options.... 

Thanks for clarifying your environment and purpose of the command.

Does any other command (admincmd commands for example - e.g. bppllist) work with -M NodeB?

Were services/daemons restarted on NodeB after adding NodeA as Server? 

Is there maybe anything in vm.conf on NodeB that may prevent requests? 

Hi, yes all other bp/nb commands work on NodeB. And yes, services were recycled.

The only configuration in vm.conf of Node B is MM_SERVER_NAME=NodeB. 

I read the NBU error code guide and it states to add some value in methods_allow.txt located at Netbackup\var\auth\ folder. However, there is no such folder create in the "var" directory. Also I saw "obsolete_auth" present under "var" with that file but I couldn't understand what it represents and what is the use.

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I was wondering about vm.conf entries such as AUTHORIZATION_REQUIRED and SERVER, but clearly not in your situation.

According to Admin Guide II: 
If this entry is specified in vm.conf, the vm.conf file also must include a SERVER entry for every media server that controls devices on this host.
If no AUTHORIZATION_REQUIRED entry exists and no SERVER entries exist, any NetBackup server can monitor and control devices on this host.

This entry is not applicable for NetBackup 8.1 or later versions.

If you are below 8.1, you may want to add these entries to see if it helps.

Other than this, I'm officially out of ideas....

Thanks @Marianne, but I am on 8.1. Need something that can help me fix this or any other alternative command. 

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8.1 security is a different beast.... 

I feel that I don't know NBU anymore.... 

After running out of all options, I had finally decide to open up a case with support and got the update that this will not work with 8.1 due to the security constraints. Support also pointed out an internal ET opened by another user requesting the same.

Hence I will have to try and see new options equivalent to serve my purpose. 

Hi Pratique,

Did you ever figure out a good solution for this? We just upgraded to 8.1.2 and facing the same issue (Have a central 'reporting' server that we want to be able to do this from)



Hey @AKopel, no I wasn't able to. What I did was created media server with on it and used it for reporting.

Still working via it.

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@PratiqueManUtd and @AKopel

Maybe log a 'Request for Enhancement' via your local Veritas SE?