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Create excusion for specific files

Level 4
How would I go about excludeing old groupwise archive scatterd through out the  home directories.  We no longer use groupwise but we still have Gigs worth of old groupwise archives that no longer need to be backedup. I am trying to find a way to exlude this typ of file, so it does not use space on my backup destination.  Can anyyone tell me if typing a wild card or question mark would solve my problem.  Example client exclusion list "of???arc" , or "of***arc". 

If anyone has answere I would greately appreciate it if you shared it with me. 



Level 3
If you have a look in the NetBackup systam administrators guide vol 1 on page 632 you can get a good overview of wildcards.

You can also limit the excludes to a specific policy or schedule. NetBackup will only use the most specific one it finds.


I hope this helps and good luck,

Table 12-1

Wildcard use in NetBackup



Wildcard for zero or more characters. For example:

r* refers to all files that begin with r r*.doc refers to all files that begin with r and end with .doc. To back up all files that end in .conf, specify: /etc/*.conf


Wildcard for any single character (

A through Z; 0 through 9). For example: file? refers to file2, file3, file4 file?? refers to file12, file28, file89 To back up all files named log01_03, log02_03, and so on, specify: c:\system\log??_03

[ ]

Use a pair of square brackets to indicate any single character or range of characters separated with a dash. For example:

file[2-4]refers to file2, file3, file4 file[24] refers to file2, file4 *[2-4] refers to file2, file3, file4, name2, name3, name4

{ }

Use a pair of curly brackets to indicate multiple file name patterns. Separate the patterns by commas only; no spaces are permitted. A match is made for any or all entries. For example:

{*1.doc,*.pdf} refers to file1.doc, file1.pdf, file2.pdf

Level 6

To exclude all files with a given name, regardless of their directory path, enter the name. For example:


rather than


This is equivalent to prefixing the file pattern with
and so on.

So combined with the wildcard 'rules', an exclusion list of of*arc would exclude any file or directory that starts with of and ends with arc or if you want to be more restrictive of???arc would be any file or directory starting with of, then 3 characters & ending in arc

Level 4
Thank you both for your answeres. I have added the more restrictive pattern of of???arc but something happend to my backups once I added that exclusion.  The diff backup that usaly takes about 2 hrs is taking about 12 hrs to complete.  That is the only change I have made.  I added the change to both the client  and the properties of the client on the master server. 

Level 6
I could imagine a little as NB determines which files are covered by the exclusion of???arc but a 6-fold increase in the backup time??? If I was affected by such a hit I would rather stomach a backup including unwanted files & the associated cost of tapes etc!!

Are these files scattered all over? You can't restrict the exclusions to particular areas?

Not sure I undestand the statement: "I added the change to both the client  and the properties of the client on the master server."