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Create/obtain a graph report to show overlap of executed job

Level 5


Good morning,

  i'm looking for a simple and effective solution to obtain a visual rappresentation of a recurrent taks i'm asked to achieve.

Using our netbackup we found, sometime, that even with a long BU window, some of the job, for specific servers, are using less time to complete the backup, it is very depends on the amoutn of data, type of backup, of course, also the concurrent runnign of multiple tasks.

Well, i would like to see it graphically in order to optimize better the single tasks, in order to avoid overlaps, extend or decrease certain BU window and so on.

I tried the Reporting already in place, but i didn't find anything usefule for the purpose.

In few words , i would like to see somethign like the policy schedule (attached) but with more policy on the Y-axis (policy 1 2 and 3) but mor important, the real time elapsed on the X-axis!

This seems to be pretty complicated, because i can obtain it in every kind, from reporting, but it is very complicated (to me) to put graphan immediate visualization fo what can be optimized.


Thank you.







Level 6

Have you looked into using Opscenter which is designed purely for reporting purposes?