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Creation of SRT fails at NBU Client install

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HI everybody,

My context :

- NBU :

- OS : Master Server Win2K12R2 : Boot server Win2K19 (1809)

I'm trying to create a SRT from my boot server.

Based on a Veritas TN, i installed the ADK 10.0 v.1607 (after installing the EEB 4036366) :

In these cases, the ADK version downloaded should match that expected by the EEB, namely 1607 which is available at  

If a later version is downloaded instead, these may give an error when specified to the SRT wizard, e.g

  • 1703 or 1709 – setup appears to complete successful from ADK side, but the SRT wizard displays an error and won’t continue
  • 1809 or later – setup fails on launching with error from “OptionId.WindowsPreInstallationEnvironment not available” (as win PE has been removed from version 1809 onwards which is required by BMR)

When i try to create the SRT, the setup runs, SRT seems to be OK, and it asks me to give the path to NBU CLient.
Checks are green, and i have a message saying :

"Installation of Veritas Netbackup client to the SRT failed , click Back"



Level 2
Partner Accredited

I tried to make it with ADK 10.0 v1703, but SRT Wizard isn't able to find the ADK though