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I have a requirement to keep all forms of LTO density, LTO1 - LOT5 and soon LTO6.  I like to keep this media separate so I would like NetBackup to keep up with the times and offer more LTO densities as they come out or allow for users to create custom densities.  This is going to be a real issue moving forward. I am unable to "refresh" the older media, again the requirement is to keep the backup on its original media "forever".  Can NetBackup offer me any relief to the issue of having to maintain so many density types?

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Densities in NBU is nothing

Densities in NBU is nothing more than mere 'labels' to keep different media types apart. 

You can therefore use any of the other media types such as DLT, DLT2, etc.

See http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH75821


Limited number of LTO (hcart) drive types in NetBackup



I agree, the densities in NBU

I agree, the densities in NBU are well out-of-date.

This could only be addressed as an enhancement request, so I have created one for you.

Please feel free to vote for it, the more +'s it gets, the greater the channce it will be considered.





Marianne, Of all the comments


Of all the comments this is the one I like least an I have seen it time and time again, an Enterprise product that we spend lots of money on the best answer they can come up with is push unlike media together, we have to settle for this? I think not.  As I have stated I have a requirement to maintain all these different media types DLT, DLT1, DLT2, LTO1-5 and soon to be 6.  I have to ask why settle or a mediocre half baked solution? I have lto5 tapes, I would like them to be labeled lto5, not DTF or 4mm or some other arbitrary name.  In my humble opinion if the media density is nothing but a label then why not let it be a free form field, like say a Volume Group or Volume Pool?


Martin,   Great idea, I will



Great idea, I will go vote for it and I urge anyone coming across this to go vote for this.


No problem - I do agree it

No problem - I do agree it could be improved, but at the end of the day, it makes no difference if you call your nice fast LTO6 drives/ media as 4mm, it will work exactly the same.

I have a feeling you may have to change your procedures, as unless you get a lot of votes on the enhancement request I can't see anything being changed ...



I haven't seen many of the

I haven't seen many of the enhancement requests actually make it into the product for about 2 years now.  Many have simply languised and not been updated or commented on in years.  I even have one submitted from 4 years ago and the status hasn't changed.

But I've added my yes to this idea, too!