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DB2 restore on same server but different database name

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Hi All,

I have read through the Admin Guide for DB2 agent on a Unix machine (i am using a RHEL5 actually), but i can't seem to find any information on restoration of a database on the same server but with a different database name. E.g. i have backup database 'A' and would like to restore on the same server but with a different database name 'B'.

Could anyone advise on what is the required configs? Is the config the same as alternate restore to another server? How about the command, will this command suffice -> 'db2 restore db A into B redirect'

BTW i am using the 'Vendor' method for backups and with 'include logs' clause in the backup script. When doing a restore, do i need to execute the roll forward command since i am already backing up the db together with the logs?

Thanks in advance!