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Currently in our backup setup, we are going to implement DD, I have never configured DD boost or VTL. So i required your help to startup with activity. If possible, can anyone share the procedure of DD implementation(like POA). It will be very helpfull.


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Liju Thomas.

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Veritas do not publish this type of document, you can find the guide for DD at https://www.emc.com/collateral/software/white-papers/h7296-data-domain-boost-openstorage-wp.pdf

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If you do not have any experience with DD installation then this is not a DIY job. Make use of EMC's installation service offering. They will assist you with plugin download and documentation with step-by-step configuration with NBU. Please forget about VTL. It was useful many years ago when backup software only knew how to write to tape.

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Thank u... Let me check with EMC

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Riaan has already linked to the document you need in the opening post.

EMC Data Domain Boost for Symantec NetBackup

OpenStorage Best Practices Planning


The link has step by step instruction for installing the BOOST plugin and configuring storage units. This document is all you need.

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I use Data Domains and use them as VTL. Even so, I am extremely pleased with their performance (two 990 and a 7200)

I set them up as VTL because I had no choice when they were installed. Most of our architecture is fiber channel, and our master and media servers are Solaris.

EMC did not have support for BOOST over FC for Solaris at that time, and even now, not all Solaris servers are supported. Hopefully in 2016 I can swap over to disk.

Unless you have such specific reasons, I agree with Marianne, you should not need VTL. If you DO use VTL, make sure to use small tape size, like 50GB, otherwise it can become a nightmare - nothing like tape contention on your Data Domain during SLP duplication...


When you bought the Data Domains you should have some installation time with EMC, they can really help. It took less than 8 hours to get ours up and running, mostly due to good pre-planning.


We back up to DD and then duplicate to tape, mostly to drive LTO5 tapes at speed. When we backup our big oracle data bases, we can get 6 streams at over 200MB/Sec into the Data domains, and simultaneous output to tape that pretty much matches the input. You should consider ingest and rehydration - many quotes for speed we received were one way, in only or out only.



NetBackup 8.1.2 on Solaris 11, writing to DataDomain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS

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Check the attached document it may help you ..


Note: enable OST commands may diffrent depend on the storage firmware version that you running ..



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Thank u all for your vaulable suggestion.