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DFSR Fileservers

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I have a handfull of large fileservers(2008r2)...running dfsr replication to another location. When I select all local drives in my backs up the dfsr data under shadow copy components. Here my a couple issues I am seeing...after a succsesfull weekly full backup...the next incremental is very large...often just as big as the full. 2nd issue....I have a couple servers that dfs replicate data to another location and hold data from other locations. I want to just get the "local" data, I do not want the data from the other location. All servers...master,media,and clients are win2008 r2. 7.5 netbackup.



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Well - yes it backs it up in the SCC job (you can turn DFS off - do the backups from the drives then turn it back on)  there are doc out there for that.

A incremental should NOT be as big - are you sure the size is as big?  or is it just taking a long time?

if you want to be specific on what you backup from a DFSR server then you have to jump through a lot of hoops -

take DFS down - backup by selection - turn dfs back on

make your backup selection to pick the dfs dirs you want to backup - which means being very specific on the backup selection screen.

which way do you want to go?


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J.Hinchcliffe offers a solution I didn't think of by adjusting the start and stop scripts to shut off and resume DFS. We use a more challenging process of excluding all of the DFS volumes on the main OS policy and then we have a seperate policy that uses a backup selection of E:\*, F:\*, G:\ to scoop up the required data partitions.

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have you actually looked at the backups that get E:\* F:\* and G:\*

if dfsr is on those backups should NOT be picking anything up.


if you want to go the route of turning it off here is a tech doc too look at.