DR domain practice

We are planning to set up a Veritas DR domain on a DR site. If you have related experience, please share with us.

Here is our plan:

Set up a Netbackup master and virtual tape libary on DR site, replicate our Veritas catalog by Veritas AIR and our production tier 1 data by virtual tape libary. Perform data restore on DR site when need.


1. Can we use same domain name (master host name) on DR site?

2. Can AIR directly sync catalog to the DR domain?

3. ....

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Re: DR domain practice

You cannot use VTL for AIR replication. If your dedupe storage has OST option, look in NBU HCL to see if it supports AIR.

AIR does not replicate NBU catalogs. It replicates the backups and then imports the catalog portion of the backup at the remote site.

Re: DR domain practice

it is bad news AIR cannnot replicate catalog and database. Import takes long time.... we only use VTL for replicating backup data.

Re: DR domain practice

Import in an AIR context is not the same as doing a phase 1/phase 2 import of an entire environment.  

Your best solution is to research whether you have an OST compatible VTL and use AIR.  If you do not have an OST compatible VTL, I'd suggest moving to one or moving to MSDP to enable your use of AIR.

Charles Hockenbarger, Veritas
VCS, NBU & Appliances

Re: DR domain practice

Sorry - that is not what I meant. With supported dedupe storage, an optimized ( only changed blocks) replication of the backup is sent to remote storage, along with the (small) catalog portion of the image. It only takes a few seconds to import this catalog portion. When all the backups are replicated to remote storage, the remote master's catalog is automatically updated with each new image, meaning that no lengthy imports are needed.

You may want to search this forum for the AIR blueprint as that doc will better explain the concept and how it works.