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Data Domain IP address change Storage Server Unavailable

Level 5

Hi, I changed the IP address of the Data Domain. Now the Storage Server is not working and the DDbost advianced disk pool I have created is unavailable. Even though the DataDomain and the Media server can communicate with each other on an OS level. NetBackup has not liked the change however 

Do I need to go and re-create a new Storage Server and recreate the Disk Pools? I obviously need to keep the backup images stored on the DDboost disk pool. I have restarted the media server. 

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbdevquery -listdp -stype DataDomain -U
failed to get disk pool list information, cannot connect on socket

Any help much appreciated!


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Are you using DNS or local hosts files for comms between media servers and DD?
If hosts files, did you remember to update the hosts file on the DD as well? 

Have you tried to stop Remote Manager and Monitor Service (nbrmms) on all media servers, clear NBU host cache and start nbrmms again?


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One more thing ... 

If there are any firewalls in the picture, verify that these ports are open for the new IPs:
(Extract from Ports Ref Guide) 

The following ports must be open to use a DataDomain OST storage server.
■ The TCP ports for 2049 (nfs), 111 (portmapper), and 2052 (mountd) must be
open from the media server to the target storage server.
■ The UDP port 111 (portmapper) must be open from the media server to the
target storage server.
■ The TCP port 2051 (replication) must also be open from the media server to
the storage server for optimized duplication.

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I am with Marianne, in addition try clearing the Netbackup host cache:

bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache


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Interestingly enough we had something "similar" occur yesterday. (IP DNS name was changed for the Data Domain).    Backups would work, but AIR imports would not.  nbdevquery, etc commands against the storage server would error.

We stopped and restarted netbackup to clear the error.

May not be 100% related to what you're setting, but along with what others have said, stopping/restarting can't hurt.