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Data encription

Hello All,

We are using Netbackup Version 7.7.2 with windows 2012 Master and Media Server. Does the Netbackup perform encripted backup by default. ?. Do we have to manually enable the backup encription for each policy. Please advise ?.




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Re: Data encription

No, NetBackup does not have default encryption.

There are a few options, for example MSEO which is software encryption (needs license) or KMS (no license needed).

KMS would be my recommendation, as this uses hardware encryption on the tape drives (drives need to support this, but LTO4 and above do).

To set this up, you create 'encryption volume pools'  and simply, any data sent to an encrypted volume pool will be encrypted.

Re: Data encription

Details to set up KMS can be found in the Security and Encryption Guide:

Re: Data encription

Ok . Thank you. Let check.