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Database system Error Status 220 when attempting to do an ndmp restore

Level 4
    Just configured ndmp backups on a emc celerra.  We are running 6.0mp4.  We can perform backups of our
data, but when we attempt to do a restore and select the ndmp volume that we wish to do a restore of we get a Database System Error Status 220 error.  All non ndmp backups are fine.  This occurs on a unix master and on our windows master. 

Level 2
Hi, Getting the same error when trying to search for data for restore. we are using 5.1 Mp4 on unix. Error : EXIT STATUS 220: database system error (status 220) Thanks,

Level 4
This problem turned out to be a dart bug and was resolved by applying a patch to the celerra. Dart code level 5.5.32-4 should fix the problem.

Level 6



The bpdbm process (UNIX), or the NetBackup Database Manager service (Windows) did not create a directory path for its configuration catalogs. This error is due to a system call failure, which is usually due to a permission problem or an "out of space" condition.


Solution by Symantec:


Create a debug log directory for bpdbm. Increase the logging level for the diagnostic and debug logs for nbemm.Use the vxlogcfg command as explained in "Configuring and using unified logging" in the Troubleshooting Guide. Retry the operation and check the resulting logs for information.


Do the above things and Let us know !!!