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DeDupe with iSCSI storage

Level 6
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I read note from NBU DeDupe admin guide


About iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS
NetBackup supports storage area networks (SANs), direct-attached storage (DAS),
or internal disks for the deduplication storage. NetBackup deduplication does not
support iSCSI, CIFS, or NFS for the deduplication storage.


Need to know what limits iSCSI from not supporting as DeDuplication Storage option

What are the challanges could be faced if iSCSI is used


Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

Deduplication is a very active database and a very active disk.  Placing an active database/disk on a Network attach storage like iSCSI or NAS is never a good idea.  Enough network hiccups will corrupt the database and the deduplication containers.  Which this occurs there could be dataloss, and also requires downtime to repair the database.  Dedending on the size it could take multiple days.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Above excerpt was from NBU 7.1


But in 7.5 beta it says it does supports (Hope so it would be supported by GA as well)

This makes me confusing looking at your statement.

Any other challanges

Level 3
ISCSI will be supported in 7.5 for MSDP however there will be specific performance requirements. Not all sure on all but I know 10gb, for instance, will be required.