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Deleting a policy before image expiry

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Hi friends,

We have some policies which are already configured, now we want to make some changes in the policies and delete few of the policies.

Does deleting a policy will effect the restoration of image(which has backed up through deleted policy).

Is it recommended to delete a policy before expiry of images?


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No problem if you delete a policy.
Policy database and image database are completely separate.
Only image db is queried for restores.


One suggestion from someone who has dealt with this...

Create a policy, call it DELETED.CLIENTS - does not run any backups. Anytime you remove a client, and have unexpired backups, add it to this policy.

There is a feature in NetBackup when doing a restore, it checks clients in policies to populate the drop down, instead of checking the images directory.

If you need to restore an older backup, you need to know the client original name otherwise it will not show up.


Good news? You can change or delete policies without issues - unless you are running accelerator - you have a unique accelerator file per policy. You would need to clean these up. Change the policy, and you have to run a full to regenerate the track log file.

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