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Desktop and Laptop Option


Can you please answer the below?

1) Where can I download the DLO configuration documents?

2) Is DLO 6.1 is for both BE and NBU?

3) In NBU, do I need NBU server installed to have DLO? Do I need the Operating System Windows?

4) How can I set the policies for Desktops and laptops?



3 Replies

DLO administrator guide Link


2. DLO is for Laptop and Desktop data backup. NBU for server backup. Both are different softwares.

3. It not necessary to install Netbackup to have DLO but to take backup of DLO data , you need backup application (Netbackup can be used ).

4. Go through administrator guide in 1st.


  1. Installation and Configuration in  Symantec NetBackup (tm) Desktop and Laptop Option Version 6.1 Administrators Guide for Windows
  2. BE has its own DLO option :
  3. No NBU is needed for NetBackup DLO option. Yes, you need Windows - see Admin Guide for OS requirements.
  4. See Admin Guide.

Also see: for latest update info (e.g. W2008 support).

Just ask if NetBackup can do this.

I was just asked if NetBackup is capable of doing Desktop backups.  I rememaber hearing about this option, so I said yes, but I'd need to look into it as I've never used it before.

So for someone who's been doing NetBakup for many years, currently on version 7.1, were do I need to start to get the information I need so I can let the managers know what it will take?