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Destage job queuing from disk storage unit

Level 5

Hello, we had some problems with a shared library over the weekend these have been fixed but I am having a problem with destage since.

I have three basic disk storage units in a storage unit group, two are running fine and de staging to tape with no issue. The third disk group is just queuing the destage job with the following error


118 PID:6448 TID:6792 File ID:118 [jobid=922639] 1 [CountedProvider::allocate] cannot allocate, resource is busy *******NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.__DSSU_POLICY******* (current_ref_count=1, max_ref_count=1)
any ideas?
many thanks

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

A little more info please ...

NBU version and patch level, how many tape drives in the library, how many media servers etc...

Check the properties of the tape storage unit specified in the disk storage unit

Provide the output of the following (run on the Master Server) for us to take a look:

bpstulist -U