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Differential Backup of Window x86 (2003System) Hangup after 16 min

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Hi to everyone

Our environement is Solaris Sparc 64bit with Netbackup 7.0.1 on SunOS 5.0 (Solaris 10)  with a Windows 2003  x86 Web Client

Policy is  BMR activated with two Shedules :

1th  Full -Backup

2nd Cummulative Incr Backup

The 1th Shedule runs without Probems and returns no Failure-Code on both Parts of the Backup-Job.

The 2nd Shedule succeded for the part of BMR; but after 16 minutes, the main Job for the Backup of the Directories and Files failed with a Network-Timeout.

Self a change in the Client-Settings in Netbackup could not change this Behaviour.

I know that the windows system did not have plenty of space. By this, i had expected, that the full-backups will make problems and not the differentiells.


Is there a missing or damaged file on the system ?


Many thanks for any help







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did you try changing the Client read time out vaulues..?

what are the errors that you are finding in bpcd and bpbrm logs?

and also could you provide the failed jobs detail status?


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Hard to tell if there is a missing or damaged file. Missing file wouldn't cause a problem. Damaged file may cause an issue but would with a full.

bpbkar log from the client and bprm & bpbrm log from the media server would help narrow down the issue.

What error code are you getting?

Have you tried increasing the CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT on the media server?


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BIt odd, I'd enable the bpbkar log on the client (at verbose 5 and general 2) and the bpbrm log on the media server (again at verbose 5 (no general setting on unix))


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Yes, i've tried to change the Client read timeout. The actual Value is 800 seconds; but nothing changes.

On the server, the Client read timeout is set to 3600 seconds. For Client wait timeout  - On this side OS dependent timeouts are used.


As mentioned in the bpbrm-Protocoll, i believe, the Client-Settings will be ignored ?


19:18:31.572 [27303] <2> pfi_start_client: command = /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpfis bpfis delete -nbu -id bu-Clientname_1355507974 -bpstart_to 300 -bpend_to 300
-clnt bu-Clientname -S Servername



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the log level is 2, its just informational message..

you need to increase the  CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT in media server, not client.. try to keep 3600 media server and check.. 

keep the verbose as 5 and provide the bpbrm, bpbkar logs.. if job got failed..