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Disk Pools on GPFS


We are testing to have disk pools (MSDP, ofcourse) on GPFS..i am saking if there is any concerns on this setup? and any ideas what to look at or test will be much appreciated..


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Re: Disk Pools on GPFS

I recall MSDP requires a Posix compliant filesystem which I believe GPFS should provide, so that could be OK. However what is the use case for a clustered filesystem? If it is to get HA, this is not supported and I suspect would be very unlikely to work. Also is this AIX? If so be aware NBU 8.1.2 onwards does not support this OS for Master or Media Servers so no MSDP support...

So, it may work but I don't think it is a good idea. Andrew


Re: Disk Pools on GPFS


MSDP on GPFS is supported.

I have not seen anybody using this setup. Like stated by @andrew_mcc1 you should move away from IBM AIX and HP UX NetBackup master/media servers as they are not supported from 8.1.2.