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Disk and tape copies with Netbackup 7

Level 4

I want to backup to disk first and then "destage" these images to tape ASAP for off siting, whilst keeping the initial image on disk for a period of time (Even if just until the space is needed for new backups)

My thoughts on the options :

SLP (Purchasing a license for this isn't something the client will entertain)

Vault Duplication (Image retentions are managed independantly so chance of the disk copy expiring before it has been duplicated to tape)

Basic Disk Staging ?? (Will this meet my requirement? I have read up on this but need some clarification. My understanding is that a Disk staging policy will run as scheduled, say once a day, but it WILL NOT expire the initial copy on disk until it needs the space for more images is that correct and what dictates which copy you would restore from? ie making the copy on disk the primary?)

Hope you can assist ?



Level 6

Basic disk staging works reasonably well.  I don't find the performance all that great during the destage step but it's generally fairly automatic these days.

The disk and the tape images have the same retentions but you're right in that will delete the disk copy only if needs space or if the image expires.  

It doesn't cost any extra - except the disk space of course - and is fairly easy to set up.   You can set the duplication to tape to run whenever you like.  If you want to put them on an hourly schedule for faster dupes, you can do that.  We were running our dupes hourly since we wanted to get the tapes offsite as fast as possible.

If you really want the best solution and have the funding, writing to a de-dupe storage pool with a subsequent destaging is ideal.  If you have a lot of front-end storage, though, the de-dupe license costs can kill you.