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Disk signature with DeDupe

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Hi All,


At one of my customer we implemented MSDP on Master Server. on HP SAN Storage with 1 TB of lun.

Now they are investing in another storage box with more capacity . and want's existing DeDupe data to be replicated on new storage server. They said HP will be helping them in replicating all the data from previous SAN storage to new one....



Possibilities of moving DeDupe data from one storage to another... What precautions need to consider pre-post migration.

Also does DeDupe uses disk signature for integretion.... ???


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Someone might correct me here but my understanding of MSDP is that you can use "dumb disk" to store the deduplicated data on.


If switching you would simply bring NBU down and copy all the directories from the original installation to the new disk storage. Making sure the paths and/or drive letters are the same you should have no issue.

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This is a old thread about the same issue.

Unforttanly the only suppoted way is to duplicate every image from the old MSDP to a new one. Duplicating images between two MSDP can be optimized - meaning only unique data will be transfered.

Configuring optimized duplication of deduplicated data