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Diskpool configuration

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We are confguring new windows media server and backups needs to be configured to use disk as primary copy and tape as secondary copy. Disk pool has to be configured on one of the its drive X (1 GB)  which has a lun mounted to it of 20 TB. While configuring i only get option to select drive X but not the folders of X drive. So, can we configure diskpool to the path X:/Test/stu01.

We are using Advance disk and Netbackup 7.7.2 version is installed on the server. Please let me know if anyother information is required


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Did you mount the 20TB as X:, or a folder mount under X:\?

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Advanced Disk cannot be configured for folders.. If you are trying to configure Advanced Disk disk pool it has to be configured with drives or network path alone.. no sub folders allowed

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So, it seems you have added the new volume as a mount point, not own drive letter.

I have searched the manual - NetBackup AdvancedDisk Storage Solutions Guide   to see if Windows Mount Points are supported. I have not found anything to say that it is or not.

The only example in the manual (p. 51) shows drive letters only. 

There is an option to 'Add New Volume', but this option seems to be for CIFS paths.
You may want to try this option to specify the mount point  X:\Test\stu01 and see if it works for you.

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directory mount does not work - I tested it few years ago... 

To my understanding NetBckup tries to discover the volume and my guess, is that it could work if you use an UNC formatted path \\?\X:\Test\stu01

I am guessing strongly that the behaviour is the same as if you gave a drive pointing to a NAS...

"NetBackup cannot discover Windows Common Internet File System (CIFS) disk volumes. For CIFS storage, you must use the UNC notation to specify the volumes"


Thank you ..