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Display all backupids with Infinity Expiry

Level 1

How can I display all the backupids with Inifinity Expiry . I have tried using bpimagelist but there are no option for expire date selection


Level 5

bpimagelist has an -rl switch (Retention level) which would be set in the SLP.

Example: bpimagelist -rl 9 will display all backupIDs that used an SLP with the first level of infinity.

Unless they were put on hold using nbholdutil which has -list

Example: nbholdutil -list which will display all backupIDs that are on hold as well as their hold names.

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+1 Kudo to Laurence. That is the way I would do it as well.

Please be aware of more retention leves besides 9 may have a infinity retention. Retention Level 9 is out of the box set to infinity.

Check what has been configured with bpretlevel command before running bpimagelist

You can also check the retention levels by using the admin guide;

NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Server > Double-click on master server > Retention Periods