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Dissimilar BMR Win 2008 R2 boot fail

Performing a
dissimilar BMR on the same server with the new disk results in an error loading the OS. I use the boot CD disk, then create a new configuration and mapping volume. Restoring from a new configuration with disabled restore system disks/volumes only. It goes without error. At the end of recovery the server reboots and task in console hangs on the point finalizing. OS does not boot and is not defined. Displays error system disk. If i boot from the installation disk Windovs, and try the bootrec.exe / rebuildbkd there is a error - not found a system. Version netbackup. Master and media on Linux SUSE. Where I make a mistake?

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Seems nobody here knows what

Seems nobody here knows what caused the problem (or how to find out).

Hope you have logged a Support call with Symantec by now?


Is this (from the v7.5 LBN)

Is this (from the v7.5 LBN) relevant:

Hi Alexey, You can also read

Hi Alexey,


You can also read below technotes, this migh help you address the problem.

"Doing Dissimilar System Restore (DSR) for windows client using BMR on NBU 6.5 and 7.x releases"