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Does NetBackup require Java to run?

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Does NetBackup require Java to run? Or is it straight on top of Windows? I guess the agents run directly on Linux or Windows too?
Thx in advance

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Yes, it does require java to run netbackup, maybe you can find the answer here:

And tell me if that suits your situation.


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It Comes with everything In-Built in the Setup Package.

Netbackup very much relies on Java and the Setup installs whatever is needed for Netbackup to run.

You dont need to install anything extra.

But a one word Answer to your question will be


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Just to all a little color.

The java runtime bits are required on the master.  

The java runtime is required to run the BAR (backup and recover) GUI wherever you want to run that GUI.  For exmaple, running BAR on a media server or on a client.  The BAR GUI is a convenience item that allows users that have permission to do so, run the GUI locally on clients and media servers.

As others have said, the NetBAckup installers install and update the various java bits as needed.  No need to manually manage these bits.

In future releases, we hope to reduce the need for the java bits and make the installation of them optional on media servers and clients.  We will most likely publish a blog about this later this Summer.  Stay tuned.

My customers spend the weekends at home with family, not in the datacenter.

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Those components of NetBackup which do happen to require Java will always install/config/setup their own private/local instance of Java.  This private (local to NetBackup) instance of Java should not interfere with any other installed copy of Java, and likewise, nor should any other installed copy of Java inferfere with NetBackup's own private local copy.

The other remaining question then is... could NetBackup's own private copy of Java be leveraged by a non-sysadmin for nefarious purposes, I doubt this, as this local (private to NetBackup) copy of Java should be restricted to sysadmin use only.  But could a sys-admin leverage NetBackup's own private copy of Java... maybe they could... but then if you manage to acquire local admin rights then you can do anything already anyway.

I'd be fairly certain that Veritas have made a good commercially adequate stab at ensuring that NetBackup's private local copy of Java remains that way, that is private to NetBackup.  If your security team are very worried, then they could always engage your Veritas TAM (Technical Account Manager) and attempt to seek some assurances (via NDA) that vigorous software kit penetration and escalation testing has taken place.

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