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Does NetBackup support cold backup of ORACLE RAC environment?

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I want to do a cold backup of my ORACLE RAC configuration with NetBackup.

Is it possible to back up with OIP? I'd like to know how, if possible.

If OIP backup does not work, is there any other way?

Please help.


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Hi @BJSim79 

Unless I'm missing something a cold backup implies that Orcale isn't running against the data files you wish to backup. As such I don't believe you could use OIP for this purpose (as it will want to talk to the DB via RMAN). 

If you are intent on a cold backup (which to me sounds very old school), then simply point a backup policy at the required folders to capture the data files. 

Really though OIP works well and depending on NetBackup version support RAC (through the WebUI).


Thank you for answer.

In case of Oracle standalone server A cold backup was performed using OIP's offline (cold) database backup option.

I was wondering if the RAC environment could be backed up in a similar way.

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sounds like a contradiction - on one hand you have Oracle RAC which ensures high database availability, on the orher hand you want to backup it in its unavailable state..

No need to be afraid of hot database backups today.

However lets suppose you have some reason to do this in this way - I have checked RAC based Oracle policy (introduced in 8.3 and available in webUI only) and they still have a "Offline (cold) database backup" setting in Oracle Tab. So theoretically -yes, but you should test it, in cooperation with a DBA, because RAC can react to this state in another manner than a standalone db.