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Downgrading NBU Software

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Good Day, 

I have a NBU server that is  I need to downgrade it to   Do I have to uninstall and re-install to downgrade or can I just remove maitnence packs to downgrade? 




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Yes, you can downgrade from to by uninstalling maintenance packs. Back when those were current versions, I did it many times.

Why do you need to do so? Is this master server, media server, or client? You will lose MSDP performance improvements on a media server. On an Exchange client, you will lose Exchange 2013 support. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of fixes from to

Thank you, Lowell.  I have a Boot server server that is and a client that is   I do not have time to build new SRT's so I want to downgrade the client to move forward with the BMR.  If you would, please point me to a Veritas tech note to explane the process.  I am also looking online.  

Thank you again. 


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You did not mention the OS on the client.
The method is different for Windows client and Unix/Linux clients.

Client software uninstall and reinstall is quick and easy. You could've been done with that in the time it took to look for downgrade info.
Or created a new SRT.

Are you aware that all NBU versions up to 7.6.x ran out of support on 1 Feb 2017?

Generally, you do not have to downgrade the maintenance version ( on your client so long as the feature version (7.5.0) is not ahead of your NetBackup servers. I am not familiar with BMR, so I can't say whether it is a special case.

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like @Lowell_Palecek said you dont need to downgrade. For SRTs check documentations. SRTs for Windows I importet in the past. Much faster than create a new one.