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Downloading the trail version of veritas netbackup 7

In 2010, in  which address I  could  download the  trail version  of  veritas netbackup 7?

I've been using veritas  netbackup 6.5.4 + vmware vshpere, using   the vdr to  backup vms.

Backuping vms with
Netbackup 6.5.4  require too much disk  space.

VDR can not back up other content in windows, resulting in I had two data backup centers. Depressed.

To find a lot of addresses, and  not now.

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Not sure about a trial version, but you could start

here: 7.0 Download Information

or probably speak to your Symantec Sales Rep (evaluation license?)

I do not know how to get

I do not know how to get serial number, And I had not bought any veritas software .

thanks for your reply.


"And I had not bought any veritas software"

& yet

"I've been using veritas  netbackup 6.5.4"

So sorry. I forgot to say

So sorry. I forgot to say clearly. Netbackup 6.5.4 + vmware vshpere my previous company to do the program.   now in my new company, the company has not bought. Netbackup. I can not use The first  company's serial number or something like that.

Very true! That just wouldn't be a good idea!

I think your only option will be to speak to Symantec/Sales Rep & get the software & 30-day evaluation license off them. This will enable you to try out all the features you want for a limited period & so then decide which features you will require to purchase licenses for.

DL-ENG-NBU-Early-Release@syma   I have to send a message, but has not yet received any reply. In addition, in our country, I contact Symantec sales staff, they say, has not yet released .

So, I only go to  get the  demand for Symantec's support forum  U.S.A

11 weeks 5 days ago

I'm already downloading 7.0

I'm already downloading 7.0 :) Thank you for good advice :)

As per my first post

NB7.0 is available for download via the fileconnect site. But as you haven't either "an upgrade or purchase letter" I still think you need to speak to Symantec or a third-party reseller.

I also believe that the version gavrilov was downloading will have been via the First Availability program (essentially beta testing the GA software) which has subsequently finished.





just wondering

Will this trail version get me out of the woods?  :)



A couple of notes

1) Netbackup 7 FA has been available for a little while (not to long) and is the same code as GA will be 

2) I am not 100% on this but I do not believe the localization is 100% available for the FA release. So it is not surprising that other countries sales reps stand behind it is not available

Larry Temple


Larry Temple has give me a mail; 


I encourage you to read  “Top Seven Reasons to Move to Symantec NetBackup™7”

I go to the web

I don't have a serial number to obtain the netbackup 7 in file connect. 

In fact, I just tested the software . In order to provide a basis for
procurement. As for the Chinese \ English, does not matter.