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Drive goes down sometimes

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Often the policy NDMP runs and fails with error code 2009, i.e. drive down. As soon as it starts the drives go down. It is rerun and then it runs fine.

But why it fails at that time when it is scheduled. Many times it runs good and sometimes it fails with 2009.

Also to check logs there is no folder bptm in  netbackup/logs. If it is due to specific tapes then where to check for logs because the entry has been deleted from activity monitor. 

Please suggest.


One more thing if entry has been deleted from activity monitor then can we get it back or check somewhere else because KEEP_LOGS_DAYS is set to 192 hours.



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You need to create a directory called bptm in netbackup/logs before debug loggin occour.

How is the NDMP configured - does the NDMP device write direct to its own tape drives or is data transfered via LAN to NBU media server ?


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NDMP is configured at storage and a policy set at NBU for taking the backup of the data from the storage to the tapes in the EML library through SAN zoning and switches.

Everytime it works fine. Just sometimes it fails as soon as backup starts as if omething is putting the drive at the scheduled time sometimes. perhaps tapes or policy.

Same failed job after rerun and putting the drives up runs perfect.


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... if entry has been deleted from activity monitor then can we get it back... 

No. That is what 'deleted' means. The files are deleted from the jobs db.

The default for 'All Log Entries' report (error db) is 28 days - if the default was not changed, you can run this report.

To troubleshoot DOWN drives, you need to look at Filer system logs and also create the bptm log folder on the NBU media server that is the NDMP media server.

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Ok so for logs I need to create a folder named "bptm" inside  installed directory/veritas/netbackup/logs. Just this much or I have to enable logging for this or increase the values or need to check something.



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Set the VERBOSE level to 5 ...

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Hi mph999,

Really helpful information. Thanks.

I will create verbose and debug logs and upload them here for troubleshooting.

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I saw this on a busy library once, where we had library based drive cleaning in place. The library would clean the drives on its own. When NetBackup tries to use the drive, it is busy, but since NetBackup is unaware of anything using the drive, it would "down" the drive. We disabled the library drive cleaning and started using the "tape alert" feature and the problem went away.