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Hi Experts

We are using netbackup for vmware, Basically i am a vmware admin. 

1. One few of the virtual machines i have noticed when netbackup is going on, Lets say if i have 2 Drives on my VM another identical drives get created on the server which are in accessible and they disappear also.

2. On few vms after backup failure VM goes to consolidated state and vmdk files get locked

Experts guide me to troubleshoot this


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I don't think you have a problem. Sound like the way VMware backup works.

Please see this Netbackup Blueprint for VMware

There is a PDF attachment , this is the bit you want to read. Page 13 outline highlevel what happens during a VMware backup.

Thanks alot

You mean VSS creates those unaccessible drives on the windows OS. 

For examle i have C and D drive when Backup is being taken VSS creates those another 2 unaccessible drives.

our monitoring solution is throwing error that drives are not visible.i.e 4 drives are visible 2 C and 2 D



Hi experts

is this issue on vmware or netbackup Can any expert guide me

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Difficult to try and help with the amount of information given.

What is NBU version and patch level?

VMware version?

Error message in VMware logs?

Netbackup Job Details?

Entering some of the information in the opening post into Google found these (plus some other links):