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Duplication Error

Duplication fails with the following errors : 

3 août 2020 11:52:52 - positioned XXXXX; position time: 0:01:48
13 août 2020 11:52:53 - begin reading
13 août 2020 11:55:33 - Error bptm (pid=1553) ioctl (MTFSF) failed on media id XXXXX, drive index 10, I/O error (bptm.c.7381)
13 août 2020 11:55:44 - Info bptm (pid=1553) EXITING with status 86 <----------
13 août 2020 11:55:46 - Error bptm (pid=1656) media manager terminated by parent process
13 août 2020 11:55:51 - Error bpduplicate (pid=4703) host HOSTXXX  backup id ClientXXXX read failed, media manager killed by signal (82).
13 août 2020 11:55:51 - Error bpduplicate (pid=4703) host HOSTXXX backupid ClientXXXX  write failed, media position error (86).
13 août 2020 11:55:51 - Error bpduplicate (pid=4703) Duplicate of backupid ClientXXXX  failed, media position error (86).
13 août 2020 11:55:52 - Error bpduplicate (pid=4703) Status = no images were successfully processed.
13 août 2020 11:55:52 - end Duplicate; elapsed time 0:06:16
no images were successfully processed  (191)


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Re: Duplication Error

@Ali93 you are encountering error 86 - media position error => the system device driver returned an I/O error.

Run this command to find the details and reasons with possible fixes for this error => bperror -S 86 -r

Re: Duplication Error


Try to run a Verify on this tape to ensure that the tape is readable. 

Before you start the process, check that bptm log folder exists on media server HOSTXXX

Increase logging level on media server to 3 for bptm. 

Check bptm log for errors (my guess is that Verify will fail as well). 

Re: Duplication Error

Thank you the backup worked fine

Re: Duplication Error

I get that. The duplication would not be attempted without a successful backup. However, there is now a problem to position the tape. You need to check if the tape is readable. Verify will also need to position the tape to read the contents.
Please check if bptm log folder exists and logging level is set to 3 before you start.

Let us know how it goes.