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Duplication from DeDuplication server using Netbackup Vault question


I have set up a netbackup 7.0 DeDuplication server for WAN clients.
We want to vault the images from the DeDuplication server to tapes for external storage.
Vault job been set up and under duplication tab I've set like this:

Source - disk only
Destination - Tape storage unit, write drives 2.

DeDuplication disk storage unit have 20 maximum concurrent jobs.
Tape storage unit have 2 maximum concurrent write drives. And muliplexing enabled.

But only 1 duplication jobs kicks in..?!
Any one know why?

We see very poor performance duplication from DeDupllication server and would like to test streaming data to 2 tape drives when vaulting.
Is this even possible?

Thanks for your help!!

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What kind of duplication do

What kind of duplication do you have ?

Hi Marek

Its the built in "Netbackup Deduplication" in netbackup 7. Not Puredisk. 

I'm talking about duplication

I'm talking about duplication not deduplication. Is it Storage Lifecycle Policy ?

Sorry my bad

We are using Vault :)

No one?

No one have any suggestions?

Hi Kenneth,   When you say

Hi Kenneth,


When you say poor performance, what is the speed? Also, using two tape drives will probably not improve anything. If the disk (dedupe pool is supplying the images at a slow speed) putting it on two drives will just result in the load be divided between two tapes, and the performance as well.


I'll have a look to see if its possible to kick of more than one stream.

Hello Kenneth, you have one

Hello Kenneth,

you have one vault job, it does all the duplications. If you like to have somme simultan duplication jobs, creat a Storag Lifecycle Policy.

Riaan - Stefan70

Thanks for replying guys.

Riaan, speeds we are seeing is about 100GB/h about 27MB/s and writing to LTO4.

Stefan70, Storage Lifecycle Policy does not give us the schedule and so on that we would like. Therefore we use Vault. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong )

We have tuned our tape devices using NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS ( 64 )and SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS ( 524288 ) We do get ok speeds on regular file server backups 50-60 MB/s Vaulting tape to tape gives us about 1TB/h so tape devices seems to do okay.

We wanted to try 2 stream from deduplication pool to see if we could get more out of it. I do agree with Riaan that I dont think its the answer but worth a try. 

If you have any other tuning tips for deduplication server to give me it would be great.
Tape devices is connected directly to deduplication server.


Thanks :)

Hi,   You could possibly try



You could possibly try and create two vault profiles and segregate it like that i.e. put some clients in one profile and the rest in another. That should give you two vault sessions. Then just drop the drives used to 1 per profile. This is not usually best practice for Vault, its preferred to have a few profiles as possible.


What type of speeds are you seeing when wrtiting to the dedupe pool?

Check "Number of read drives"

Check "Number of read drives" in your Vault profile (Duplication tab). Maybe it's related only to tapes but I think you should to try..

Hi Riaan

Yes I could create more than 1 vault profile, but as you said not best practice. 
What I relay would like to know is if there is limitation by design that don't allow me to write to 2 tape drives from on vault job. Cause I cant find any information on that.

We only have 1 client on internal LAN writing to deduplication server, all others is on WAN.
But this client writes, last FULL backup 69MB/s to the dedupllication pool.

Hi,   I was focussing more on



I was focussing more on splitting the profiles to see what the speed is you could achieve running two, instead of one. Hence trying to estimate if the dedupe pool can produce more than the qouted 20 odd mpbs.


As for the limitation to one drive from one profile, sorry, can't comment on that. Dont have a system to test on.


I would still like to see if it kicks of two simultaneous jobs if you split it.


I did a quick test now.

I copied my dedup profile into 2 new copies.
Named testdedup1 and testdedup2, I split the clients to vault between the two profiles.
When using a policy to start the vault having both profiles in the backup selection list. Only 1 duplication job starts, hens the first one in the selection list.

If I start the profiles manually 2 vault jobs start, but 1 of the vault jobs get status limit have been reached. And still only 1 duplication jobs start.

No one else have any suggestions?

Symantec advisors, employees?

Deduplication & Vault

I have a suspicion that the data is being re-hydrated before it is vaulted to tape (not sure if this takes place on disk, but I would guess that it had to). I am also looking for solutions of how to get a dedupe pool onto tape for off site storage and I must confess I am not finding very much. 

The data during a vault

The data during a vault to tape is rehydrated. Is the dedupe storage pool a msdp or pddo? If pddo then you are sending rehydrated data over a 1gb connection unless you have 10gb. This could be the cause. A msdp would use das or San storage which would perform better on tape out. Just some thoughts...