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Duplication jobs jumping between physical tape drives

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I'm dealing with an issue here that I think would be fairly common but I'm having trouble finding anything about in the forums so I'm just going to throw it out there and see what I get back.  Now for the background info: I'm running Vault duplication jobs from a VTL to physical tape drives. The original backup jobs were multiplexed to the VTL and multiplexing is set to be preserved during vaulting. 

What I'm seeing is that during duplication the jobs are jumping from one physical tape drive to another constantly over the duration of the job.  I understand that because of the multiplexing that the VTL tapes and going to be swapping in and out quite frequently, but I would think that for the duration of the duplication job, the same physical tape drive would be used for the whole job.  Instead I have 5 duplication jobs hopping between 5 tape drives which seems terribly inefficient.  Any thoughts or idea why this is happening and how it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance.  


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I see "Flashbackup-Windows" backups being processed one at a time by Vault despite them being written onto multiplexed tapes in multiplex more.  This affects all my vaulted VMware backups.  I think, for a FlashBackup style backup, each image must be vaulted individually so if the image is spread across multiple tapes it appears as if the duplication job switches back and forth between tapes.

If your VTL tapes are small in capacity maybe this is what you are seeing?