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Duplication jobs not completing

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    I have a support case open for this but I thought I'd throw this out to you all. This past weekend, the duplications from BasicDisk to tape stopped working. These are GRT images (yes, we need the granularity). What is so odd about them is that, the job starts and the tape resource is assigned... then nothing. I mean NOTHING in the Activity Monitor of the log. No cataloguing of the GRT image happens.

    It was working fine until this past weekend, and I don't recall anything I did which might cause this.


Master/Media Server

  • OEL 5.10
  • NetBackup Enterprise

Proxy Server:

  • Windows 2008R2 VM
  • NetBackup Client


  • Active Directory (GRT)
  • Exchange 2010 Mailbox servers (GRT)
  • Exchange 2013 DAG (GRT)


    Now the tech is trying a non-GRT duplication which looks like it's working.  I've sent off lots of logs (master: bpbrm, bpdm, bpbdm, nbfsd, admin, bptm; proxy: nbfsd, bpdm).





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Anything changed recently?   Any patches, upgrades?

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Sdo -

     A couple of weeks ago the CU's for the Exchange environment were put in - that caused a different issue which was resolved by support. 

     We are in the middle of migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013. What I'm wondering is... what kind of free space is required on the proxy server to mount the databases for cataloguing? I've been searching - apparently badly - as I have only found one mention of it. That post said your free space on proxy server needs to be at least the size of the mailbox database you are mounting. (Which makes sense, actually.)

     I'm thinking that before the migrations started, the new databases were nice and small and there was no problem mounting them. Now? Yeah, they're large and in change and now can't be mounted and/or the NBU/nfs process is having problems with them.

     I've brought this up to support as well and am waiting for feedback.

Thanks all!

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If the Exchange Servers themselves have more free space than your proxy server then let them do the work as a test (just get rid of the proxy in the client host properties of all clients involved)

All of it is doen via NFS which mounts the image as a new drive via NFS .. so you need a spare drive letter and all of the NFS services to be OK.

I have seen processes get stuck during this and only a reboot will clear them down properly (that would be a reboot of your proxy and media server i believe)

Any NFS errors / warnings / processes may give a clue .. or even Anti virus / access protection blocking the NFS processes.

Just a few ideas .. if it is common to all GRT duplications then forget Exchange or AD it must be the media server / proxy .... if it is only Exchange then it could be space issues.

Hope this gives some ideas