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E-Vault coverage Q&A

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Good day,

I am looking for input on how to provide coverage to an Enterprise Vault 10 (with historical data from as far back as v6) via NetBackup

I have reviewed article TECH176623 and found it easy to implement steps 1 & 2 (Full schedules only; SQL data is on separate/SQL servers which handle their own t-logs and truncations).  Step 3 I am finding to be 'iffy'; we have over 1.5TB of Index data, most of which is from older versions of EV and it appears that these jobs (Fulls) will not complete in a timely enough manner.  Step 4 I think is pretty much a long shot currently due to being multiple TB in size.



  1. The article above strongly suggests not overlapping the runs of any of the jobs; exactly how critical is this?
  2. If a step 3 (or 4) job is still running, what would be the impact of having a step 1 or 2 job run at the same time?
  3. If the Index and Closed Partition data is just flat-file in nature, could I not just back them up via a standard MS-Windows policy?  Unless overlapping 1&2 jobs doesn't matter?
  4. If overlapping jobs is a critical issue, how do people engineer their schedules exactly?  I'm fine with running a full infrequently, but how do people typically prevent the other steps from running while the full is in progress?

Environmental info:

EV: version 10 on Windows 2008 R2 (SQL on an alternate/dedicated server)

NBU: version on an AIX6 master and WIndows 2008 R2 media servers



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Nobody responded. i have almost same type of questions. Is Anybody aware of above questions. please help.

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What is the Enterprise Vault environment?

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amaan has opened a new thread with all of his environment details: 

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Threadjacked, yay!


As a followup, I've managed to arrange schedules to accomodate Steps 1, 2 and 3 (though it runs for 20 hours and I have to skip a day of 1 and 2 jobs).  I have decided to not bother with the Closed Partition step.

I would still like any additional answers/opinions on my first 2 questions though.

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I was going to suggest looking at a SAN clinet in some of the larger environments. This allows for greater throughput.

As far as the questions go the biggest issue you have in previous steps starting before the others finish is you put things out of sequence. It makes the recovery difficult to impossible.