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EMM Database Error (196)

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Hi, My problem is this, I've upgraded NBU 6.0 MP1 (running on Linux Platform) to NBU 6.5. The upgrade is successful. Now, when I run inventory and enable update volume configuration, inventory failed with EMM Database Error (196). I do perform robot diagnostic, also failed (Robot Error Checking Failed). Hoping someone can give me advice on how to solve this issue help me? Regards, Adonis

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What is the exact error you are seeing? Any other operation that fails with EMM errors?

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Have you check that the time frame that you have to perform your backups is enough 196 is backup window timeout, just confirm how long your backups are taking and how much time is stored under your schdule.

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I had not done anything yet. I had just upgraded NBU 6.0 MP1 to NBU 6.5. My problem arises when I am trying to add new Media Tape to Library, when running inventory wih updating volume configuration, I encountered EMM Database Error (196). Unable to add new media. Now if I perform a fresh install of NBU 6.5, I can add the new media. Anyone?

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This doesn't quite fall into the scenario that you are in (going from 6.0 to 6.5) but the following TechNote certainly appears to show the same symptoms so may be of use?


STATUS CODE 196: Unable to inventory the robot after reinstalling Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 and the...


And there was an issue posted sometime back when user upgraded from 6.0 to MP 2/3:


EMM Database error (196)


Sorry can't be of more help.



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I already log a case to Symantec Technical. They suggest to run nbpushdata command.


I'll post here if it solve the problem.



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Hi Adonis,


I see this happen due to multiple reasons. You have provided too little information to work on this.

How many media servers do you have? Is it happening for all media servers ?


Are there no backups failing? is the bpmedialist -o failing?


Do you have DNS related issues?