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EMM Database sizing

Level 5
about to implement netbackup 6.0 enterprise,
curious as to where to place netbackup install files, and EMM Database
proposed master server (with emm databse)

4 x 18 GB & 6 x 36 GB.
proposing to mirror 2 x 18GB disks for OS, mirror another 2 x 18GB for netbackup program files/EMM database, not sure if this is going to be enough tho
i understand EMM databas is calculated with amount of files * 50 bytes, or so, but in reality, how big will this database get?
we will be backing up around 6,530,337 per day, with about 10 Oracle databases (using oracle agents with RMAN scripts)

Level 6
Our EMM Database is only about 250MB (logs/data everything) including BMR Database.
We backup about 4TB/day (mostly Exchange) and on the weekend fulls about 30TB.
We have a retention of 30 Days for most backups and our images catalog is about 60GB.

Hope that helps...

Level 6
Sounds helpful to me.

Are you from Roseville?
You've made some very helpfull posts and probably should have been rewarded with more points.

Level 6
Thanks Bob!
I work very close to that. Actually, Golden Valley which is also a suburb of Minneapolis (probably 15 miles from Roseville) I work for General Mills.

Level 6
I worked for Kellogg's :)

Level 4
Your database is small. My EMM-atabasebackup today have 169 GB, we backup nearly 7 TB with two mediaservers and 8 LTOII-drives dayly. Qur retention ist normaly 3 month, some backups 6 month, 1 year and also jearendbackups with retention of 10 years.