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EMM server is not starting we are getting error code 1068

can you please help on this its reflecting to two ips , how to flush the ips on version 6.5



N:\veritas\netbackup\bin>bpclntcmd -server ba5sbak009
host ba5sbak009: at (0x2734df0a)
host ba5sbak009: at (0x540aa8c0)
i used the this cmd but no use bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache = Clears the cache, plz help me .
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Looks like you have two IP

Looks like you have two IP address pointing to the same hostname. That is wrong! You need to sort that out first. 


Both and are associated to hostname ba5sbak009


Define different hostnames

Define different hostnames for the 2 interfaces.

Only the one that you wish to use for NBU must have hostname ba5sbak009.

Add entries in server's hosts file, e.g.:  ba5sbak009  ba5sbak009-bck