ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out


I have some server didn't complete the backup and I receive ''socket write failed  (24)''.

If I look inside the log I have this information: ''ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out''

The connexion are good between client server and master. The full Backup are good but not the Differential Incremental Backup.

My client server is Linux Redhat 2.6.18 and my master is SunOS(5.10) version

What do you think ?

It's possible to put a trap for to see what happen during the backup ?



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Have a look at this recent

Have a look at this recent post about Status 24 on Linux clients:

Netbackups failing with error code 24 on linux clients 




Try setting

Try setting CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT = 1800 in bp.conf on master and media server



Hi,   The setting of my


  The setting of my master and the media is CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT = 3600.

Now I try to contact unix administrator to validate the configuration on the client server and network. The thing I do not understand I have two servers working perfectly with the same setting and three others with the same setting but with the same problem about 24 status.



Setting CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT lets netbackup be a little more patience with client slow responding clients. Especially incremental backup are normal exposed to falling for the CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT. Its the selection process if a file is due for incremental backup in directory with thousands files that cause this. Especially Oracle audit or alert directories.

Try to double the value - else you have have to do bpbkar debugging to see which directories causes the timeout ?

Any firewall between master/media and clients ?



I have same issue ( 2 media server/client (a & b)), even I changedCLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT = 3600 on media server, master & clients, I am not able to backup them with datadomain disk pool, but when I run backup client a with STU tape it self, it worked well. 

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It is never a good idea to tag onto an old post. You will notice that the original poster stopped responding to questions.

Best to start a new discussion and give us all relevant info of your environment, like master, media, client OS and NBU version, if problem is seen with specific client or type of backup, if there are any firewalls in the picture, if your network team tried to investigate possible network issues between media server and DD, etc.

Please post all text in job details and tell us if you have enabled logging for all the processes that can be seen in job details.


Thank you Marianne