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ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out

Level 1
Hi Hi there, I require your help to validate an error that occurs in the weekly filesytem policy, in its incremental execution the backup is status 1, but in the monthly and weekly policy we have status 24 with the same response units, I would like to help me identify the error. client SO: RHEL 4 Version NB client: NetBackup-RedHat2.6 6.5.4 Version NB master: 8.1.2

Level 6

First - you may be expecting a bit given 6.5.4 has been out of support for some time, and 8.1.2 doesn't officially support anything below version 7.6.

A couple of questions.

  1. How large is the file system causing the issue?
  2. Does the client have IPv6 enabled?

For 1. If the answer is large - then review this article and see if it applies

For 2. If the client has IPv6 enabled, review this article (basically disable IPv6 if you are not using it)

At a first look to the logs, your problem is here :

18:00:16.796 [16638] <4> bpbkar: INF - Processing /

Here one more than hour.. for next line ..
And then the next line is a warning regarding /archives_bck which is on NFS FS
19:02:33.157 [16638] <8> bpbkar: WRN - /archives_bck is on file system type NFS. Skipping.

AND AFTER ALMOST 12minutes..
the error comes with a timeout..

19:14:53.348 [16638] <16> bpbkar: ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out
19:14:53.348 [16638] <16> bpbkar: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 24: socket write failed

First we need to take a look at your policy configuration

Are you backing up some mount point?

Has this worked before?

Please put full detailled status and also take a look at bpbkar log with high verbo and bpbrp on media server side ..

Good luck